Thursday, 3 February 2011

My New Apple iPhone Bumper

I think the Apple iPhone 4 Bumper (£26 from is a really cool way to accessorise your iPhone, whilst protecting it and solving those damn antenna issues! I feel like I'm cheating the iPhone a little when I use a bumper, because I love the whole look, design and feel of the iPhone out of the box, however, the antenna issues at home are too bad to ignore!

I chose the bumper in orange because I love the contrast between the black of the iPhone 4 and the orange of the bumper. Its kind of shocking, (I've received mixed reviews so far!) but I think its really cool! I stole these photos from because I don't have a camera, apart from the one on my iPhone 4! Check out the website for more colours!

iPhone 4 Bumper: Note the "camber" that offsets the
iPhone 4 from a flat surface, such as a desk.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Twitter for Mac

Twitter for Mac, built on Atebits Tweetie client, was released on the Mac App Store back on release day, January 6th 2011. Since downloading this App, i've enjoyed using Twitter more, due to the simple, clean and well integrated interface that Twitter for Mac possesses.

When Twitter is open, tweets are pushed to the client and an icon in the menu bar changes from black to blue, notifying you of a new tweet. Notifications can be changed in the preferences, so that Mentions (@ replys) and Direct Messages are made clear to you through Mac OS X's badge system in the dock icon.

Twitter for Mac's interface. Left: Timeline and Right: Your Profile (which can be edited from the App!)
Below: Twitter for Mac's simple preference pain.

Another great attribute of this App is it's integration with Mac OS X. You can highlight text anywhere in Mac OS X, (Safari, Pages, Outlook, Preview etc) right-click and select "tweet" to send the highlighted text to your Twitterfeed!

My one gripe with this App is that it doesn't let you save drafts, if you lose your connection, which hasn't ever been a problem, but is very simple to include, so maybe we'll see drafts included in a future update?

Besides this, Twitter for Mac does everything it needs to, there are some alternatives which focus on the photo sharing side of Twitter a little more effectively which I'll cover in due course but please check it out, it's free from the Mac App Store, so you have nothing to lose!

Rating: 5/5